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2023 July - Talking Heads Video

To view the video click on the image above.

Autumn Exhibitions & Activities since 1997

2014 April - Grave Matters

WW1, St Winifred Church & Methodist Chapel

2012 October - Collections & Discoveries

2011 October - Branscombe's War

A look at the parish in wartime - Rations and rabbits, the Home Guard, evacuees, RAF Branscombe, local fascists, the munitions factory, farming, Searchlight Battery, Girl Guides’ salvage collections, WI bottling fruit, Whitcot - wartime household paraphernalia, wartime tea, evening of wartime themed entertainment, evening dance, local wartime film, memories and more.

2011 April - 3 Houses

Included an archaeological road show on the first day (with Tom Cadbury curator of Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter)

2010 April - Farming Then and Now

Farms, cliff-plats, allotments, orchards, water supplies and more...   

2009 November - Lace Exhibition, Lace Making &

Chudleys & Cream

To launch the reprint of:

Margaret Tomlinson

'Three Generations in the Honiton Lace Trade'

2009 September - Disappeared Houses Walk (2)

From Square to Church.

Led by Barbara Farquharson, John Torrance & Ike Dowell

2008 October - Village Medley

Stanley Squire: A great Branscombe Schoolmaster

2008 September - Disappeared Houses Walk (1)

Beach - Square - Lower Lane - Gays.

Led by Dave Rockey, Ralph Cox, Sid Sweetland, Sue Dymond, Phil Planel, Barbara Farquharson

2007 October - Branscombe and the Wreck of the Napoli

2006 October - Farming & More

2005 Farming & Plats (part 2)

2005  Make Poverty History Concert

The Stadler Ensemble, Chris Gradwell & organist Robin Davis

2004 Farming in Branscombe (part 1)

2003 Banana Blush

Chris Gradwell & 16 piece jazz band, with Oliver Bernard reading Betjeman

2003 Archaeological Excavation

Test pits in field north of Hooken

2004 Archaeological Excavation

Weston Burnt House, led by Mark Edmonds

2003 Mills

2003 Valentine’s Day Celebration

Auction to raise money for the communal cider press

2002 Field Walking  & Flint Washing

In Berry  Barton fields, led by  Martin Tingle

2001  Orchards

Shutes & outdoor loos

2002  Thirteen Branscombe Gardens

(With nine Branscombe gardens open to the public)

2000 Lace Making & Smuggling in Branscombe

1998 Cliff Plats & Cliff Farmers  

1997 Village Ghosts

1999 Shops, Trades & Getting By

2017 April - The Napoli Revisited & Book Launch Take Three Hundred Snails

2014 December  - Book Launch Cliff & Beach at Branscombe and Tales from the Plats

2015 April - War Years Poetry 1914-1918

2016 March  - Village Lives

2018 April - A Tale of Three Pubs

2014 August - Postman’s Walk - In the Footsteps of Harry Layzell

2014 August - A Churchyard Event - Rev Hilary Dawson & The Branscombe Project

2013 October - A Walk Through Time - HEAPs/The Branscombe Project

Kiln Lane, Berry Camp, Cliff Plats

2013 June - Tea & Book Launch Branscombe’s War 1939-1945

2013 May - Branscombe Through Time: Walk - HEAPs/The Branscombe Project

St Winifred’s to Manor Mill

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2022 April - Branscombe Farm Outbuildings

2022 September - Branscombe History in the Making

The Branscombe Project created an installation called ‘Branscombe - History in the Making’ that was on display in the church during the St Winifred’s Autumn Arts Festival.

Click here to view the display and the accompanying notes.

SWAAF Poster.jpg 2023-7.jpg

2023 July - Talking Heads - 60 Years of Change

The Branscombe Project’s ‘Talking Heads’ recording was on display at the AONB’s celebration of their 60th anniversary at Kennaway House.

Click here for the recording notes.