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Articles on Local History

An occasional series of articles on local history. Click the links to read the papers (where available).

Unpublished papers by John Torrance

Saxon Branscombe

Cider as Wages

Published papers by John Torrance

‘The Landscape of Branscombe in the Early Fourteenth Century’ in J. Bliss, C. Jago & E. Maycock (eds) Aspects of Devon History  (Devon History Society, 2012), pp. 37-50

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Waterwheel (Oversteps Books, 2013, poetry)

‘The Ousting of Tomkins: a Struggle for Power in a Victorian Village’, Rep. Trans. Dev. Assoc. Advmt Schi., vol. 148, 2016, pp. 207-226

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Under the Wave (Fore Street Press, 2021, poetry)