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The Branscombe Project


Musical Squares

Mike & Wendy Gluyas


Roman Army in Devon

John Allan


St Winifred's Churchyard - Things you never knew

Do gravestones in a village churchyard tell the whole story of who lived and died within the parish?  

Read the illustrated talk here


 Branscombe in the News 1800-1950s

Sue Dymond

A look at village life from the newspapers, with the use of other sources to find the stories behind the news.


The Seaton Hoard, Metal Detecting in Beer and Branscombe

Laurence Egerton


Everything you didn’t know about Branscombe: Project, AONB, HEAPS


The Devon Woman who started a Global Fashion Revolution

Carry Somers


Newfoundland Fisheries

Jenny Moon


Devon Orchards

Tom Nacarrow


News from the Hebrides

Madeleine Bunting


Working the Cliffs

Barbara Farquharson & Sue Dymond


People and Stone on the Jurassic Coast

Rose Ferraby


Prehistoric Orkney

Mark Edmonds


The Wall

Annie Pfingst

The Israeli/Palestinian Wall - the marking and implementing of a landscape of repression.


In the Footsteps of Orlando Hutchinson

Phil Planel

A look at the Branscombe Project and the Parishscapes Project.


Cow Pats, Untouchables & Installation Art in India

Andy Burton

Andy collaborated with artisans and villagers in India to create sculptures that use their traditional skills and  materials.


Branscombe’s Literary, Artistic and other Visitors

John Torrance & The Branscombe Players

Read the illustrated talk here


Bodmin Moor - Past and Present:

Pete Herring

Bodmin Moor’s well-preserved archaeological remains allow us to get closer to a prehistoric world than almost anywhere in Britain, whilst close attention to mounds and tumbled walls reveal an overlay of medieval and modern settlement.


Branscombe in the Middle Ages

John Torrance

The Doomsday Book, scant material remains and other documentary evidence are used to examine the social organisation, occupations and surnames of the Middle Ages.

Read the illustrated talk here


The Branscombe Coastline, then & now

Richard Edmonds

Geology and geo-tourism along the Dorset and East Devon coast; why it’s been given World Heritage Site status, and how the Jurassic Coast team are trying to protect and promote  an understanding of the coast to local people and visitors.


World War 1, Reports from the Home Front

Nigel Freathy

Branscombe in wartime as seen through the pages of the parish magazine. Drama-documentary performed by Nigel Freathy and the Branscombe Players.

Read the illustrated script here


Echoes and Prehistoric Rock Art: Chris Chippindale

Bronze and Iron Age rock art found in Valcomonica in the Italian Alps. The setting, the way people moved around the alpine landscape and how they responded to sounds and echoes from the rocks.

For images goto:


The East Devon Pebblebeds Project

Chris Tilley

Based on past and present archaeological excavations, Chris will be talking about the extraordinary Bronze Age landscape of the Woodbury Common Pebblebeds, and comparing it with the present day landscape.


Three Trunks in a Branscombe Attic

Barbara Farquharson

The excitement of a discovery of a fine collection of photo albums and three trunks of letters and documents in a Branscombe attic and the ways in which it builds up a vivid family history that begins in the 1830s and ends a hundred years later.

Read the illustrated talk here

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