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The Branscombe Project

Branscombe in WW1

As part of the WW1 Devon Remembers Heritage Project we will be publishing a webpage devoted to WW1 in Branscombe. This will include remembering those who went away to fight, and also look at what went on in the parish during those years.

We have our own sources of information, much of which was displayed in our 2014 exhibition, but we are seeking more. If you have a story to tell or photos or documents you would be willing to share, we would very much like to hear from you.

The Ford family, who were Lords of the Manor of Branscombe, were naturally at the forefront of most of what went on in the village at this time – from helping with recruiting to ordering the potatoes for local men to grow. Their documents of these activities survive, and are held in the Devon Heritage Centre (DHC) in Exeter. We are grateful that the owners (Everys solicitors) have given permission for us to use them on our website, and that the DHC will waive any charge for using them in this project.

The webpage produced will be given to the DHC as a separate file, along with any images, to be stored for future reference as part of the project.

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