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Branscombe Project Winter Talks


Monday – March 11 2024 - 7:30

Making a Handaxe

Mark Edmonds

Mark will talk about one of the most remarkable pieces of stonework

ever created, the lower Palaeolithic handaxe.

And if he can find some flint, he may even make one on the night.


Monday – April 8 2024 - 7:30

Down Weston Combe and into the Meadow:

Reflections on Nature and Learning

David Selby

David Selby will give an illustrated talk drawing on his just-published book,

Down the Combe and into the Meadow, a month-by-month study of the natural

world in Weston Combe. David will also take us on excursions to farther afield in

East Devon and West Dorset and to two Hebridean islands. Wherever he takes us,

David will reflect on present-day loss of nature and the need to restore a deeply

immersive relationship with the natural world.