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The Branscombe Project

Branscombe Coastguard

We are currently researching the Coastguard Station’s history.

Hundreds of men served here over the time the station was active and most had young families.

How did these men fit into village life at a time when smuggling was rife and they were in the employ of the government?

What of the history of the building itself?

Census details help with naming some of the men who served here, but there were others who arrived and left between each census.

A very good photographer lived in the village and took photos of the coastguard men, some are in the National Archives. We hope to see these. Here is one from the Parish Archive online at Flickr.

We have recently been given a wonderful archive of coastguard material, for which we are very grateful, but we are still seeking help....stories, documents, photos.

Please contact us if you can help.