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Old Holiday Photo Album

Several years ago we were given a photo album by someone who has long holidayed in Branscombe, and thought we might be interested in the photos of Branscombe in the past. The album had been bought second-hand, and so nothing is known about who took the photos. However the cover has a note that some of the photos inside are of Faringdon in Oxford, and that the time was the 1930s.

There is no writing in the album (except the word Branscombe written by the donor to us) and of the photos that have been taken out to be examined, none have writing on the reverse.

The photos of Branscombe are certainly post-WW2 as the wartime defences at Branscombe Mouth show. Of the other photos it is hard to tell the dates they were taken.

Dartmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, Beer, Plymouth, Dartmoor and Branscombe are some places we recognise. If you come up with any others please let us know. You can give the page number to identify which photo.

  View the album here


Despite the album being labelled on the front with a sticker mentioning Faringdon in Oxford, we have heard back via their community website that only two photos are of there. These are indicated as being the bottom two on the first page.

Dartmouth History Research Group identified the following pages:

P 5, 6 & 7 are clearly Dartmoor.

P 10 Newquay or close by.

P 11 Polopero

P 12 Fowey, Ferry & river

P 13 Torpoint ferry

P 14 Looe

P 15 & 16 Plymouth Hoo & views from there inc Drakes Is & Mount Batten area with another photo of Torpoint ferry.

Fowey Harbour Heritage Society have been contacted for their help...and they have replied, indicating that the top four on page 11 are of Fowey harbour (the lower two look like Looe or Polperro) and those on page 12 seem to be of Fowey.

Thanks to everyone for their help so far!